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Joint Colloids Group Blog

Joint Colloids Group Blog
Olivier Cayre

Workshop on Commercialisation of Pickering Emulsions

On Nov. 23rd 2017 at Burlington house in London, our Joint Colloids Committee is organising a workshop on the applications of Pickering emulsions in Industry. Several experts in the area will be on hand to present the general background knowledge and recent developments of such particle-stabilised emulsions from both the points of view of academia and industry.

The workshop will aim to engage all participants in discussing methods to enhance the use of Pickering emulsions in commercialised products. Additionally the workshop will aim to give the opportunity for industrial and academic colleagues to display their opinion on challenges in commercialising such systems. It will then establish a set of practical guidelines to help industrial scientists identify which particles to use for a given system to produce the desired final properties (“A Beginners Guide to Pickering Technologies”).

As a result, we hope to direct future academic research in tackling the perceived current commercial limitations of Pickering emulsions. Importantly we also aim to give young colloid scientists the opportunity to meet established companies in the field. Several oral presentation slots are available in the schedule and some bursaries for younger participants are being offered.

Details of the meeting can be found on the RSC website at the following link: