Sir Eric Rideal Award and Lecture

The Sir Eric Rideal Lecture is a late-career or “life-time achievement award”, which recognises and honours an individual who has made a sustained and distinguished contribution to colloid and interface science in the UK. Prior to its establishment by the Joint Colloids Group in 2006, it was known as the Founder’s Lecturer.

Sir Eric Rideal was one of the founders of catalysis and gave his name to the Eley Rideal mechanism. He is known for his work at the Colloid Science Laboratory, which he set up in Cambridge University in the 1930s. Follow this link for a full history of the RSC/SCI joint colloid group medals and the names behind it.

Eligibility: Authority in Colloid, Surface and Interface Science with a professional career of more than 30 years’ duration (after completion of postgraduate study). Candidates need not be UK-based necessarily, but they will have had sustained and significant connections with the UK colloid, interface and surface science community and a marked impact upon work in the UK.
Currently-serving members of the Joint Colloids Group Committee are not eligible for the award.

Award Information

  • Type of award: Lifetime/career achievement.
  • Frequency: Annual.
  • Deadline for nominations: 1st March (annually).
  • Nominators: CSCG and CISG members.
  • Contact: Awards Coordinator (see Contacts page)
  • Further information can be found at this link.
  • On-line nomination form can be found at this link.


1970 Prof J H De Boer, Delft Technological University
1971 Dr B A Pethica, Unilever PSL
1972 M K Schwitzer
1973 Prof J T Davies, Birmingham University
1974 Prof D J Crisp
1975 Prof D D Eley, Nottingham University
1976 Sir Harry Melville, London University
1977 Dr A D Bangham, Cambridge University
1978 Dr D A Haydon, Cambridge University
1979 Dr J A Kitchener, Imperial College
1980 Prof R M Barrer, Imperial College
1981 Prof D Tabor, Cambridge University
1982 Prof K S W Sing, Brunel University
1983 Prof D H Everett, Bristol University
1984 Prof J Th G Overbeek, Utrecht University
1985 Prof R H Ottewill, Bristol University
1986 Prof Sir J M Thomas, Royal Institution, London
1987 Prof J Lyklema, Wageningen University
1988 Prof A I Bailey, Imperial College
1989 Prof J D Birchall, ICI
1990 Prof Sir Sam Edwards, Cambridge University
1991 Dr Th F Tadros, ICI/Zeneca
1992 Prof H Sonntag, Max Planck Institute, Berlin
1993 Prof B J Briscoe, Imperial College
1994 Prof B R Jennings, English China Clays
1995 Prof G J T Tiddy, UMIST
1996 Prof A M Cazabat, College de France, Paris
1997 Prof B Vincent, Bristol University
1998 Prof J Gregory, University College London
1999 Dr T D Blake, Kodak
2000 Prof D Tildesley, Unilever PSL
2001 Prof J Pethica, Oxford University
2002 Prof Helmut Möhwald, Max Planck Institute, Berlin
2003 Prof Brian H Robinson, East Anglia University
2004 Prof Terence Cosgrove, Bristol University
2005 Dr James Goodwin, Bristol University
2006 Prof Eric Dickinson, University of Leeds
2007 Alan Pitt, Kodak
2008 Prof Julian Eastoe, Bristol University
2009 Prof Richard Buscall, MSACT Research & Consulting
2010 Prof Thomas W Healy, University of Melbourne
2011 Dr Robert Thomas, University of Oxford
2012 Prof Geoff Maitland, Imperial College
2013 Prof Jeff Penfold, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
2014 Prof Athene Donald, University of Cambridge
2015 Prof Paul Luckham, Imperial College, London
2016 No award
2017 Prof Daan Frenkel, University of Cambridge
2018 No award
2019 Prof Peter Lovell, University of Manchester
2020 Prof Colin Bain, Durham University
2021 Prof Steve Armes, The University of Sheffield
2022 Prof Bernard Binks, University of Hull
2023 Dr Andrew Howe, AQDOT Limited


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