Travel Bursaries

The committee supports attendance to relevant meetings by PhD students who are RSC or SCI members. Information and application details for this support can be found on the meeting website.

Further support for conference attendance is available through Rideal Trust travel bursaries.

There is also a Brian Vincent UK/Australia exchange bursary available:

Brian Vincent UK/Australia Exchange Bursary
for Early Career Researchers (ECR) to attend the 32nd

Australian Student Colloid Conference

28-31st January 2020, Gippsland, Australia

A £2,000 bursary from the Joint Colloids Group (CISG/CSCG) is available for a UK-based early career researcher (ECR) in colloid and interface science (within 10 years of PhD award) to present their work at a dedicated ECR session at the biennial Australian Colloid and Surface Science Student Conference 2020 (ACSSSC 2020).

The 32nd Australian student conference will be hosted by RMIT University (more details available soon via the ACIS website and on the event page) and provides an excellent opportunity for students, but also researchers and academics, to exchange the latest updates in colloid research in an informal, supportive and friendly atmosphere, and provides excellent networking opportunities for all.

ACIS is sponsoring one Australian ECR to attend the Early Career Colloid meeting (ECCo 2019) at the University of Loughborough, 16–17 September 2019. In the spirit of strengthening links between the UK and Australian colloid community and to reciprocate this exchange, the Joint Colloids Group is offering a £2,000 bursary to sponsor attendance of an ECR at ACSSSC 2020, with the funds going towards travel, accommodation and registration costs. To gain maximum advantage from attendance, the bursary recipient is expected to arrange a visit to a local laboratory/research group in Australia during their time there. The bursary winner is expected to be announced at the ECCo 2019 meeting.


 Application deadline: 10th September 2019

• Applications (and questions) should be sent to: with ‘Brian Vincent UK/Australia Exchange Bursary’ in the subject line.

• The successful applicant will be expected to produce a short report after attendance at the ACSSSC 2020 meeting and lab experience, which will be posted on the Joint Colloids Group website.

• Applicant Requirements  

    o Applicants must be UK-based, with no more than 10 years of experience after the award of a PhD.  

    o Applicants must be members of either CISG or CSCG at the time of application.

• Selection Criteria  

    o Quality of their research and abstract submitted to ACSSSC  

    o Fit to the remit of colloid and interface science  

    o Evidence of future promise  

    o Well-articulated vision of the benefits of their visit to Australia (both ACSSSC 2020 and the proposed host laboratory)


    o Applications will be assessed by a panel composed of all members of the CISG and CSCG committees at the time of the application. The bursary winner will be decided by the majority vote. The votes will be submitted confidentially.  

    o Panel members will declare a conflict of interest and abstain from the vote if they have close links with the candidate.

• Application Components

The application should consist of the following information. More than one file may be submitted, but ideally the number should be kept to a minimum.  

    o Applicant’s full name  

    o Applicant’s current institution and position  

    o Applicant’s date of award of PhD (≤ 10 years ago, excluding any career breaks noted).  

    o Applicant’s CISG/CSCG status (including membership number)  

    o Abstract submitted to ACSSSC 2020 (and proof of submission)  

    o Current area of research and future research plans (max. 300 words)

    o Description of the benefits to be derived from attending ACSSSC 2020 and visiting a host laboratory in Australia (max. 300 words)  

    o Evidence of acceptance by the host lab (as a formal invitation or by an email from the laboratory PI)  

    o Dates for visit to host lab (if known)


You can become a member by joining one of the two groups:

SCI Colloid & Surface Chemistry Group (CSCG).

RSC Colloid & Interface Science Group (CISG).

The former is open to SCI members only. The latter is open both to RSC members and associates AND to scientists and engineers who belong, either, to a chartered professional or learned body from outside the chemical sciences, or to another chemical society with whom the RSC has entered into an international partnership agreement approved by RSC Council. Non-RSC members of CISG pay RSC a small annual fee to cover administration and postage.

For information on how to become a member of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) or Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) please see the links below: 

Non-members of RSC wishing to join CISG should contact the RSC Membership Dept. (contact details at, asking to join the Colloid & Interface Science Interest Group, only, and mentioning their own affiliation.  The membership administration fee is £10 currently. In case of difficulty please contact a member of the Joint Committee.

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